Why you shouldn't forgive people

Hello and Welcome!

Are you holding a grudge against anyone?

This is for you.

I started my career as anaesthesia technician in CMCH, Vellore in 1996.

The very first day of my college was a posting in urology theatre observing kidney transplant!

My job, even as a student, was to assist anaesthesiologists with regional and general anaesthesia during surgeries ranging from eye to heart and neuro surgeries.

I was okay with my job, but I had a longing to do something bigger and better.

There were two things that stopped me from pursuing something different:

1. My family was going through financial challenges. My first year college fee was Rs. 499! I had a younger sister who was aspiring to be a doctor and I knew my parents would need money for her.

2. I was in love with my senior and I didn’t want to leave him :)

Fast forward one year: