Tired of struggling to achieve your goals, ever? Do this.

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It’s January, and it is the time of the year that we set big audacious and noble goals.

If you have ever struggled with achieving your goals, I mean ever, it’s time to let go of the struggle because in this blog, you’ll learn a secret strategy that will help you with 2 things.

1. Take the stress off you and your goals.

2. Help you achieve your goals with a lot of happiness and peace.

That is what we all want want, right?

From my own personal experience as well as my soulful work with hundreds of ambitious entrepreneurs in the past three years, I have found that goals are like darts.

You either hit the board or you miss it.

How do you feel when you miss it? How do you feel when you do not achieve your goals?

Yesterday, in my monthly Mastermind session with my clients, I asked a group of ambitious entrepreneurs, “How would you feel if you do not achieve your goals this year?”

Most of them replied, “I would feel low, sad, dejected, depressed.”

…and hearing those answers made me feel depressed!

Just kidding.

When I shared with them a secret strategy to take the stress off them and their goals, and to achieve their goals with a lot more happiness and peace, they loved the secret strategy. They said it made them feel light and empowered.

Hence I felt called to write this blog for you.

Now, are you ready for the secret strategy?

Am I hearing a BIG YESSSS from you?

Here it is…

Drop the word “goals” and instead use the word “possibilities.”

If you are wondering what difference would it make, I assure you it will make a world of difference to you and your happiness and success.

Let me show you how.

Imagine you are travelling from Chennai to Pune by your bike.

A S.M.A.R.T. goal setting would look something like this - “I will start from Chennai at 6 am on January 15th and reach Pune on January 16th by 4 am.”

It is Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time Bound.

But, here’s a two-fold problem:

1. Most of the time, you feel stressed throughout the journey wanting to reach there on time.

2. You either reach your destination time or you don't. If you reach on time, you feel good. If you don't, you feel bad and beat yourself up or blame the traffic and the roadblocks.

Now, let’s see what a possibility would look like.

A possibility unlike S.M.A.R.T. goal setting would look something like this – “If I start from Chennai at 6 am on January 15th, the possibility is I can reach Pune on January 16th by 4 am.”

When you set possibilities, not only do you take into consideration expected delays like traffic, rest time, etc., you are also open to the possibility of unexpected challenges like roadblocks, take diversions, breakdown, so on and so forth.

Goals are time bound.

Hence any delays and challenges stress us out.

Whereas, in possibilities, you take the stress of finishing on time out of the equation. As a result of this, I have seen 3 things happen: 1. You do not beat yourself up for the delay. 2. You do not blame others for the delay. 3. You do not feel panicked or frustrated when delays and challenges show up.

In possibilities, you have the luxury of time.

As a result of this, any delays or challenges you are able to handle with a lot of grace and ease, and you have the luxury to stop and experience the scenery on the way.

Simply put, in possibilities, you can enjoy the journey.

Sometimes the journey is more important than the destination, isn’t it?

So, to let go of the struggle, take the stress off you and your goals, and to achieve your goals with a lot more happiness and peace, drop the word “goals” and instead embrace the word “possibilities.”

How do you feel about your possibilities now?

Light and empowered… right?

Change your energy, change your life.

Love and Light,


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