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Do you want to increase the flow of money in your life and business?

If your answer is a resounding YES, this blog is for you.

By the end of this blog, you will learn 7 simple steps to increase the flow of money in your life, and by implementing these steps, especially steps 4 & 6, you will start noticing increase in the flow of money in your life right away.

How does that sound?

Let’s dive into the 7 steps.

Step 1: Decide how much money you want

As simple or even as silly as this step may sound, not many people have clarity on how much they want. Quite often, I hear people say I want a lot of money, but the phrase “a lot of money” can mean different things to different people. So be very specific about the amount of money you want to have.

Now that you know how much you want, make the decision RIGHT NOW that you are going to have it. Claim it as yours. See that money there. Tell yourself, “Hey, my money is there and I am going to have it.”

Step 2: Make a “Desire List”

Now, that you are going to receive that money, what are you going to do with it?

Take some time, think about the things that you want to do and write your desires down, and whenever a new desire pops up in your mind, keep adding to your Desire List.

Step 3: Identify your feelings

Assuming that you have already received the money and done the things that you wanted to do with that money, how will you feel?

Will you feel happy, grateful, appreciative, confident, secure, peaceful?

What are the top 3 feelings or emotions that you will experience? Write it down.

Step 4: Expect it to happen

To me personally, this is the most important of all steps.

Though most of us want more money and we want to buy or do so many things with that money, very few expect it to happen, because deep inside we don’t believe it is possible or we are capable or we even deserve it.

There is a beautiful saying...

You don’t get what you want.

You get what you expect!

So, here’s a 3-step visualization process that will help you to expect what you want, and as a result, see your desires manifest much faster.

  1. Take a minute, close your eyes, and think of the amount of money you want.

  2. Then imagine what you are going to do with that money – run your “Desire List” in your mind.

  3. Once you have visualized your list, feel those top 3 feelings you will feel when you have achieved it.

Finally, end this visualization by saying, “This or something better God. Thank you so much.”

Do this visualization 3 times a day for the next 30 days. The ideal time I would recommend is once early in the morning, once after your lunch, and once before you go to bed.

Step 5: Take action

Wanting and having are on 2 different ends of the spectrum. The connecting link is action.

There is a beautiful quote by Francis of Assisi that says,

“Start by doing what’s necessary,

then do what’s possible,

and suddenly you are doing the impossible.”

So, do what is necessary today as efficiently as possible.

Step 6: Drop the How and Be Open

This is another important step of the 7 steps.

Drop the how simply means remove the conditions you have applied on how something has to happen, and be open to receiving the things from your desire list in very different ways.

Someone can gift it to you. You might end up winning a competition. Just be open to infinite possibilities.

Step 7: Track the money

Once you have implemented the previous 6 steps, start tracking the money that comes in.

Every night before you go to bed, write down what you received that day, either in the form of money or value.

For example, if a friend got you lunch worth Rs. 700, then it is still money received in the form of value. Make a note of it.

So, here’s a quick recap of all the 7 steps to increase the flow of money in your life:

  1. Decide on the amount of money you want and claim it as yours already.

  2. Make a “Desire List”.

  3. Identify the top 3 feelings that you will have when you achieve it.

  4. Expect it to happen by visualizing your Desire List 3 times a day for the next 30 days.

  5. Take action – do what is necessary today.

  6. Drop the How and Be Open to the limitless ways by which money or your desires can show up for you.

  7. Track the money.

All successful people are action takers.

Implement these 7 steps and increase the flow of money right away!

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