How to stop creating more debts immediately

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Stop creating debts.

You might wonder if this is possible, how will I meet my expenses, what will I do to invest in my business?

Let’s find out.

Not only in our country, it is a universal belief that if you have debt, you are a failure.

If you closely look at people who have debts, most of them keep their debt a secret from their family and friends. They also have a lot of guilt, shame and sadness associated with it.

As a result of this, the energy which they could actually be using to move forward is being wasted in thinking about their debt and the stress around it.

At this point, I want to ask two questions to you:

1. What do you think is the main reason for having debts? 2. How can you stop creating new debts?

In this blog, we are going to learn the actual reason behind having debts and 3 powerful tips that will help you to stop creating more debts starting from now.

Stay tuned.

Let’s look into the first question – What do you think is the main reason for having debts?

As an Entrepreneur Coach, I meet many ambitious entrepreneurs who have debts ranging from less than a crore to 10+ crores.

When I ask them what is the main reason for their debts, most of them point towards external circumstances – like investment into business, unexpected loss, partnership failures, personal betrayal, etc.

Is this right? Are your external circumstances the main cause for you creating debts?

To answer this question, imagine you are opening a water tap. As a result of this action, you can see the water coming out.

BUT, where do you think the water comes from? From the tap or from the overhead tank?

Exactly, the water comes from the overhead tank.

Similarly, creating debt is an action that does not come from external circumstances, but from the overhead tank – our inner beliefs.

Debt is actually a measurable reflection of your inner beliefs and the level of your self-worth.

So, when water does not come from the tap, what will we do? We will look into the overhead tank, right?

Getting into debt to run your business is like repairing the tap instead of checking out the overhead tank.

When you do the necessary work on your inner beliefs and correct it, you’ll no longer make debts and you will stop getting into situations where you borrow money.

Now, let’s learn 3 powerful tips that will help you to stop creating more debts.

Tip #1: Accept

It really doesn’t matter how much debt you have, the powerful 1st step in stopping to create more debts immediately is to accept your debts.

Before we get to the how, it is important for us to know why acceptance really matters if you want to stop creating new debts.

Most often people in debt are in denial.

It could be denial of their low self worth, or their impulsive buying behavior or denial of the debt itself, not facing the actual amount they owe.

Some deny their true inner feelings of sadness, shame and guilt and rather project a positive persona to the outer world.

Unfortunately, the universe or the law of attraction responds to your true inner vibration, and not to the false projection.

So, how do you accept your debts?

Write down each and every amount you owe in big bold letters in a sheet of paper and say it out aloud, “I have so much debt and I accept it”. Then, take a few minutes to look within and acknowledge the real reason behind it.

What you resist…persists.

What you accept…resolves.

Tip #2: Be thankful

Does it sound crazy?

According to the Law of Attraction, feeling low about your debt will only bring more of it back into your life.

If you have debt, it means that a lending institution or a person trusted you and loaned you money.

So, raise your vibration now, in this instant, by expressing gratitude to those who helped you in need. Thank them for the trust they had and still have in you.

Most importantly, you are doing your best to repay it. Thank yourself for your good intentions and your determination.

Neale Donald Walsch, the author of Conversations with God, so beautifully said...

“The struggle ends when gratitude begins.”

Before we learn tip #3, let me share a very interesting conversation I once had with my client.

I had just begun working with her, when my client asked me, “VA, why am I creating more debts?”

I immediately asked her, “What do you tell yourself every time you think about your debt?”

To which she replied, “I tell myself I shouldn’t get more debt.”

I smiled and replied to her, “That is exactly why you are creating more debt.”

Let me explain this.

According to the Law of Attraction, whatever you focus on expands.

If you focus on something positive, it expands.

If you focus on something negative, it expands too.

When you say I shouldn’t get more debt, then you are still focusing on the word debt and hence creating more and more debt.

Instead, when you say, “I want to be wealthy,” you are focusing on wealth and hence you will find ways to create Most and More wealth.

So, here’s tip #3...

Tip #3: Shift your focus from debt to wealth

Did this simple yet powerful tip help my client?

YES…you bet it did.

The next time you think about your debt, follow these three powerful tips:

1. Accept it.

2. Be thankful.

3. Shift your focus from debt to wealth.

This will in turn shift your energy from fear to power.

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