How to raise your vibration 100X

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The Universe does not recognize your wants, needs, desires or goals.

It only recognizes and responds to your VIBRATION!

Let’s say you want more money...but you have FEAR, WORRY, ANXIETY about (not receiving or having enough) money. The Universe does not recognize your want (more money). It recognizes your VIBRATION (fear, worry, anxiety)...and responds to your vibration by giving you MORE OF IT (delayed payments, missed opportunities, etc).

You want peaceful and heartfelt relationships...but you feel ANGRY and HURT about the situation or the people involved. The Universe does not recognize your desire (supportive and beautiful relationships). It recognizes your ANGER and HURT vibration...and responds to your vibration by giving you more of it (more misunderstanding, more heartache, etc).

Your vibration matters!

So, what’s the solution?


Here’s the Map of Consciousness developed by Dr. David Hawkins and published in his book Power Vs Force:

Where are you currently vibrating? Measure your current vibration.

Wherever you can 100X your vibration in less than 48 hours by just doing this one thing...


Sounds too simple?

Life is simple. Let’s keep it that way :)

Here’s how you can go about it:

1. Make a note of the start time and your current vibration.

2. Then start saying, “Hey _______ (your name)...God bless you.” Repeat this silently within yourself for 48 hours.

Success Tips:

1. Post a reminder about this in bright coloured sticky notes in 5 different places where you can see it several times during the day.

2. Write down the shifts you are experiencing within yourself. Appreciate the shifts.

3. Is anything shifting on the outside (people responding differently, opportunities opening up, receiving money, taking inspired action, not watching TV, etc)? Write it down too.

4. Complete it and celebrate. Have your favourite ice cream ❤️

When you shift vibrationally on the inside, everything starts shifting on the outside.

Why and How?

The Universe recognizes and responds to your "new" vibration.

Doubtful about the outcome?

You will never know until you have tried, isn’t it?

Do this religiously for 48 hours. Have fun.

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