Do this ONE thing to manifest a life you want

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My name is Vigneswari Abraham, friends and well-wishers call me VA. I am an Abundance Frequency "Energy" coach and creator of Money Breakthrough In 28 Days program.

I went from being an anesthesia technician to becoming an entrepreneur with 30+ employees working for me to becoming a coach working with hundreds of ambitious entrepreneurs and working doing this ONE thing.

I moved from a cramped 675 sq ft flat to purchasing a spacious 1350 sq ft duplex well within my budget…by doing this ONE THING

In short, I started manifesting a life I wanted by doing this ONE thing…even before I got into training and coaching, even before I heard about the Law of Attraction or the Law of Vibration or the Universal Laws, even before I picked up my first self-development book.

So, do you want to manifest a life you want with love, joy and ease?

Watch this now.

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Wishing you Most and More love, joy, peace and abundance.


Vigneswari Abraham

Abundance Frequency "Energy" Coach

Creator of Money Breakthrough In 28 Days™


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