A Powerful Technique To Attract What You Want

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My name is Vigneswari Abraham, friends and well-wishers call me VA. I am an Abundance Frequency "Energy" coach and creator of Money Breakthrough In 28 Days program.

I have been a practitioner as well as a teacher of the Law of Attraction since January 2015. The Law of Attraction has helped me and my clients to overcome struggle and challenges as well as achieve our goals with love, joy and ease.

I am doing a series of Facebook Live on the Law of Attraction and this is the third video in the series.

Watch this video to learn:

02:25 - The Secret Ingredient of Attraction

05:00 - The Truth about The Law of Attraction

05:35 - The Catch 22 of The Law of Attraction

06:45 - The Stop & Start Mechanism of The Law of Attraction

08:50 - A Powerful Law of Attraction Technique To Attract What You Want

10:15 - Success Stories of The Law of Attraction

12:20 - Success Tips To Make The Law of Attraction Technique Work For You

13:40 - FREE LIVE Law of