7 Powerful Tips to become a Sales SUPERSTAR!

Heads-up - 2000+ words blog (read time of more than 5 minutes) but my promise to you - it will be worth the read and your time :)

Hello and Welcome!

My name is Vigneswari Abraham, friends and well-wishers call me VA. I am an Abundance Frequency “Energy” Coach and creator of Money Breakthrough In 28 Days™ program.

Recently a participant (a life coach) of my program Money Breakthrough In 28 Days™ told me, “VA, I cannot promote myself. It is boasting. I feel if I am good, people will come to me.”

First of all, here’s my viewpoint about selling.

Everyone is a salesperson.

You are either an entrepreneur or working professional selling service, products, ideas, concepts, etc.,

or you can be a parent/grandparent selling your thoughts and beliefs to your children/grandchildren