You are an ambitious entrepreneur or an aspiring entrepreneur

You want to share your knowledge, talents and special gifts with the world and are willing to receive more money in return

You love what you are doing and are ready to play bigger

You have a burning desire to be financially successful




You are ambitious yet you feel stuck - you either lack clarity or the right resources

Your potential and talents remain unleashed - you are serving far less number of people than you are capable of


You are capable of going big yet you are playing small - you find it difficult to convert opportunities into winning business


Your bank balance is not reflecting your gifts and efforts - there is lack of adequate flow of money, or you are unable to hold onto money

Are you ready to blast your limitations and go beyond your own expectations?

The Money Creation Masterclass

will show you how.


The concept of Money Creation Masterclass is everything is energy and if there is lack of abundant opportunities, resources, clients, projects and money in your life, you are blocking it energetically - either consciously or unconsciously.

Sounds interesting?

Why learn from me?

My name is Vigneswari Abraham.  My friends and well wishers call me VA.

In August 2013, I made a career transition from being a successful entrepreneur in the medical transcription industry with over 30 employees working for me to becoming a motivational speaker, trainer and coach.

The magic and success I was able to create in my medical transcription business couldn't be re-created in my coaching business.  I failed terribly.

After a not-so-pleasant financial downfall in 2013-2014, I did 3 things:

1.  In 2015, I read 65 books on money, law of attraction, manifestation secrets, mind mastery, energy healing, so on and so forth.  I am on my 152nd book now.

2.  I invested in 27 online programs, learning from masters around the world on what it really takes to break your limitations and go beyond your own expectations and become successful - personally, professionally and financially.

3.  The past 3 years, I have been teaching what I learnt from the books I read, the programs I attended as well as my own personal experience of what works and how it works to hundreds of ambitious entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs both 1-on-1 and in groups.

So, not only do I have my own personal experience to see what concepts, tools and techniques actually work and how it works, I am blessed to work with ambitious entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs who enthusiastically learn the concepts, tools and techniques, religiously implement it, happily create breakthroughs in their life, career and businesses, and joyfully share their success stories with me and their fellow participants.

This collective experience led me to create the Money Creation Masterclass - a proven 7-step money creation model with powerful strategies that will show you exactly how to double, triple or 10X your money flows in the next 90 days.

In the Money Creation Masterclass, you’ll learn powerful life-transforming concepts, tools and techniques to blast both your conscious and unconscious mind and energetic blocks so that you can create more opportunities, increase the flow of money with joy and ease, gift your family a luxurious lifestyle, and have more fun and freedom doing what you love.


Money Creation Masterclass is available by

application only.


I started working with VA in December 2016, and by implementing the techniques I learnt during the program, I have created multiple breakthroughs every 90 days in 2017 ranging from salary hike to job promotion to onsite project visit to Philippines and Australia, last but not the least purchasing my dream individual house.  I am no more the same person.  VA has shown me how to shift my goals, thoughts and experiences, and live a beautiful life.

Srilakshmi Chakrapani

Aspiring Entrepreneur, Six Sigma Consultant

How much can your life change if you learnt how to create Most and More with Joy & Ease?

You are ready to create

Most & More

with joy & ease.


I learnt a lot of tools and techniques through VA's sessions.  VA also helped me identify what was holding me back from unleashing my potential. This helped me to turn my stumbling blocks into stepping stones and create more opportunities that were unknown to me.  Now, I am more energetic and confident. During the program, I was working with like-minded individuals who wanted to create more money.  Through their interactions and sharing, I learnt a lot.  I liked the group coaching system.

Suresh Vijendran

Personality Development Coach

I watched the videos of VA for a few months and decided to attend her program to achieve my money and business goals.  Every session with VA was lively and packed with energy.  Learning the money creation model and implementing the various tools and techniques, my business started growing.  This past month, we touched the highest sales figure per day since starting our business.  My relationship with my daughters has deepened.  I am on my way to manifesting my dream home.

Batul Nazim

Imagine the abundant possibilities that await YOU.

Struggle is a choice. 

So is ease.

Eliminate the struggle and learn how to create

abundance with

Joy & Ease.


If you are choosing Joy & Ease

The Next Steps...

The Money Creation Masterclass is a 7-session online workshop that you can attend from the comfort of your home or office.

The Money Creation Masterclass is available by application only.

Click below to apply and schedule your personalized 30-minute "complimentary" discovery session today.

I will also be happy to answer any other questions you may have that would help you to double, triple or 10X your money flows in the next 90 days.

Talk to you soon.

Love and Light,