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Money Breakthrough In 28 Days


How different would your life be if you completely removed the blocks that are holding you back from going to the next bigger level?

I created Money Breakthrough In 28 Days program to share with you the exact system I and my clients follow to break free from our blocks, overcome our challenges and attract bigger opportunities.  I and my clients receive more money now with joy and ease.  We experience peaceful relationships and harmony in all aspects of our life.

After working through my Money Breakthrough In 28 Days program, you will no longer be wondering “Why is my hard work not getting me results?  What am I doing wrong?”

You will no longer be stuck because you lack clarity, money, the right people and other resources.

You will no longer be underutilizing your potential or undercharging for your services.


You will no longer experience pain and disharmony in relationships.

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Srilakshmi Chakrapani

Lean Six Sigma Consultant, HP

I did VA's program in December 2016, and by implementing the techniques and  mastering my energy, I have created multiple breakthroughs ever since, ranging from salary hike to job promotion to onsite visits to Philippines, Malaysia, Australia and Europe, last but not the least purchasing my dream individual house.  I am no more the same person.  VA has shown me how to shift my goals, thoughts and experiences, and live a beautiful life.  The after-program support is awesome.  Being part of VA's Private Mastermind, I am supported and guided every month.

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Hero Fayaz

Attending VA's program in September 2017 gave me a complete blueprint on manifestation.  I now know the exact steps to manifest anything I want, with joy and ease.  The tools and techniques shared by VA are awesome and get results.  Since this program, my income has tripled, and I have opened my own office.  My spiritual knowledge has improved.  The game-changer for me has been the way my relationship with my spouse has completely changed.  I am experiencing true love only now after 10 years of marriage!  I am able to connect deeply with my daughter.

Want to know how our 5 sessions together will look?

Session One:  Raise Your Vibration & Create Bigger Impact

We all vibrate energetically at a particular frequency.  The lower your frequency, the heavier your problems seem.  You may have pain and discomfort in your physical body and experience fear-based emotions and mental confusion.

The higher the frequency of your energy, the lighter you feel in your physical, emotional and mental bodies.  Being in higher vibrations not only makes you happier, wiser, powerful and successful, it moves you out of fear, pain, turmoil and struggle, and places you in the realm of joy, ease, peace and harmony.

02 - The Energy Amplifier With Frame.png

During this session, you’ll:

- Understand how to clear unsupportive social conditioning and family patterns
- Learn the fastest way to instantly amplify your energy in less than 5 minutes
- Know the secret formula to maintain your high energy throughout the day

As a result of this session, you’ll:

- Let go of fear-based energies like guilt, shame, anxiety, frustration, anger, etc.,
- Gain more clarity, have greater focus on what is important to you and 10x your productivity
- Increase your enthusiasm and charisma, and create bigger impact


Session Two:  Clear Your Karma & Set Your Soul Free

The word Karma has sometimes been misunderstood in a way that it scares a lot of people.

Your karmic debts and patterns can become visible to you if you take a closer look at your family patterns and your life.  They reveal themselves in the form of self-sabotage, repetitive challenges, struggles, obstacles and behavioral patterns in the health, wealth and relationship aspects of your life.

03 - The Karmic Solution With Frame.png

During this session, you’ll:

- Understand the importance of clearing your self-sabotages, limitations and repetitive patterns to move forward
- Learn how to let go of your soul agreements, vows and contracts about money, success, fame and wealth
- Learn how to heal your relationships, family patterns, ancestors, and curses

As a result of this session, you’ll:

- Experience trust, love, intimacy and harmony in relationships
- Receive money with ease including pending payments, clear any debts, create wealth
- Accelerate your spiritual growth and development

Session Three:  Blast Your Fears & Step Up Confidently Into Action

Adding manure to the crops without removing the thorns and weeds in the land does not lead to productivity. Similarly not addressing your negative thinking (doubts and fears, big and small) and instead focusing on just positive thinking will not get you the results you want.

Doubts and fears hold you back from going to the next bigger level.  Facing your doubts and fears head-on and completely removing them from your energy field will transform you into the biggest boldest version of yourself.  That is the best gift you can ever give yourself.

04 - The Ultimate Fear Buster With Frame

During this session, you’ll:

- Understand the mind-body connection and the inner programming that is holding you back
- Learn how to completely remove negative thoughts and limiting beliefs from your life and your work
- Know a deeper approach to transformation that brings bigger results of self-love, forgiveness and joy

As a result of this session, you’ll:

- Change your money story and sky rocket your income
- Stop procrastinating and take bolder inspired actions
- Resolve past negative experiences and let go of emotional baggage associated with it

Session Four:  Break Your Limitations & Make Your Dreams A Reality

Consider lottery winners, statistics show that a majority of these winners lose their winnings within three to four years.  The reason being their subconscious beliefs are not in alignment with their conscious actions.

While growing up, if you repeatedly heard comments such as, “We do not have enough,” “This is too expensive.  Money doesn’t grow on trees,” “Money is the root of all evil,” you subconsciously created negative associations with money.  In time, although your conscious logical mind recognizes the necessity of money, the subconscious mind blocks you from attracting it.

Mind blocks can be tricky; secretly sabotaging your best intentions and dreams and causing you to stay stuck in patterns that don’t serve you.  But thankfully they can be cleared out.  And the process of doing so offers great opportunities for spiritual growth and evolution as well as massively improved quality of life and relationships.

05 - The Smart Bypass Rider With Frame.p

During this session, you’ll:

- Understand the importance of creating new neural pathways in your brain to make your dreams a reality
- Learn step-by-step how to “trick and bypass” your conscious and subconscious mind
- Know how to energize your dreams and manifest them in less time and without much effort

As a result of this session, you’ll:

- Become more driven, more creative and more productive
- Get new ideas and find solutions to your challenges
- Create the success and wealth you have always deserved and desired

Session Five:  Build Laser Focus & Attract What You Want

Research shows that we have anywhere from 20,000 to 60,000 thoughts a day and most of these thoughts are repetitive thoughts.

Also, there are two ways you can think.  You can think about what you want or you can think about what you do not want.

If you are attracting what you do not want (debts or relationship issues), the probability is you are focused on what you do not want and you end up attracting more of what you do not want.

Shift your focus, shift your energy.

the laser focus with border 01.png

During this session, you’ll:


- Learn about the 2 sincere foremen in your mind and how they function

- Discover powerful strategies to develop your focus on what you want and stop attracting what you do not want

- Know how to be the energy and attract greater opportunities


As a result of this session, you’ll:


- Stop attracting unnecessary people, events and drama into your life

- Start receiving bigger opportunities, right people and more money with joy & ease

- Experience dramatic increase in energy levels, inner peace and harmony

Money Breakthrough In 28 Days

Program Details




Still have questions?  Mail me at

or call my support team +91 9087123888

Starting on June 3, 2020, 7 pm to 9:30 pm IST

How have participants benefited?

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Here's an amazing bonus



Gain access to VA's Private VIP Mastermind for 6 months (from the date of completion of Money Breakthrough In 28 Days program).


VIP Mastermind is an online monthly group coaching/healing session that happens on the 1st Monday of every month, 7 pm to 9 pm.  (Receive recording of the session even if you miss it)

What makes Money Breakthrough In 28 Days program unique?


Five sessions spread over five weeks makes the amazing concepts and powerful techniques easy to learn and consume.


Working with VA as your coach, and learning and sharing in a group increases accountability for both inner work and outer action.


Be connected to VA's amazing Facebook community for practice, celebration and inspiration.


Knowledge unimplemented is a burden.  The structure of the program allows you a week to implement what you learnt and experience results right away.


Six followup sessions (VIP Mastermind) gives you ample time to strengthen your learning, as well as get your doubts clarified and questions answered.


Receive recording of all 5 sessions plus 6 Private Mastermind sessions immediately after each session.

Money Breakthrough In 28 Days isn’t another course that just teaches concepts, theories, ideas and processes that sound good.

If you’ve spent more than 5 minutes online looking for information to change your life, there is a lot of “stuff” out there, but at the end of the day they don’t produce CONSISTENT RESULTS for you.

And if Money Breakthrough In 28 Days is about one thing, it is RESULTS…CONSISTENT RESULTS.

It delivers such tremendous results that it falls into the “I can’t believe this works so well,” category.


Stephen Thilagar

Director, Tuticorin Logistics Pvt Ltd

I always keep me engaged with my hard work, sharing of resources, helping everyone around me with a smiling face as my trademark.  However I was not able to lead a peaceful life due to the stress I accumulated from my work and other situations around me and most of my efforts ended up in vain.

Years back, I attended a session organised in CII TUTICORIN by Vigneswari Abraham (VA) and I started to master my energy under her coaching from March 20th 2018. 

Doing energy work and practicing it regularly has brought in many changes in my life. I am able to let go of many things in my life and able to attract love and affection in my life.  
In business, family, relationships and among mankind, I forgive everyone unconditionally now.


Batul Nazim


I watched the YouTube videos of VA and decided to attend her program to achieve my money and business goals.  Every session with VA was lively and packed with energy.  Learning and implementing the various tools and techniques, our business started growing.  We achieved our highest sales figure for the first time ever since starting our business 15 years ago.   I have been healing my relationships and letting go of past baggage.  My relationship with my daughters has deepened.  I am able to manifest what I want now easily.  I am on my way to manifesting my dream home.

Still have questions?  Mail me at

or call my support team +91 9087123888

Starting on June 3, 2020, 7 pm to 9:30 pm IST

A Word From VA

Master Your Energy.  Master Your Life.

Not so many years ago, I enrolled in several training programs learning from masters around the world.

With my financial challenges, investing in myself wasn’t easy, in fact it felt scary at times.

Those investments turned out to be a complete game-changer for me and my business.  Today, I credit my decision of investing in myself and mastering my energy for experiencing bigger results of joy, self-love, passion and harmony.

If you have been struggling with lack of clarity, lack of money, lack of right team or resources, underutilizing your potential, undercharging for your services, hitting an invisible glass ceiling again and again, wondering why your hard work is not paying off, I guarantee that Money Breakthrough In 28 Days program is the solution you’ve been missing.

Enroll now and experience dramatic, life-transforming results.

Many blessings to you.



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