Vinod Radhakrishnan


While working with VA to grow my existing business, I also moved into a new line of business, actualizing my dream of starting an industrial catering unit.  Working with VA was a positive and enjoyable experience where I was able to grow my business while at the same time improve my relationships and grow internally as a better human being.  The 1-on-1 format really helped mirror me to me and gave me much needed accountability to myself and to my goals.

Priya Pandian

Aspiring Entrepreneur

I worked with VA for 11 weeks from April to June 2016.  I joined the program not only for money, but to achieve my other personal goals too.  Working with her, I have opened up many possibilities in my life and career.  What I liked the most about working with VA is her program is well structured with a perfect flow of modules through 11 weeks.  After completing the program, the connect with VA continues even to date through her monthly Success Mastermind sessions.

Jayavel Raj


I received money of Rs. 5 lakhs, owed to me for a few years, with ease using the tools and techniques taught by VA.  Relationship with my spouse and children has elevated to a whole new level by clearing my blocks.  The techniques are simple yet powerful and I taught it to my children, and I am grateful for this teaching.  It was an amazing experience working with VA and I felt happier than ever with lots of positive energy.