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My Story

Hi, I'm VA.

I'm an ambitious entrepreneur.

I launched my first start-up Qscriptz, a 100% work-from-home model medical transcription business in 2005 with just 4 employees.

In 2 years' time, the team grew to a size of 20+ employees working from different parts of India.

Working from home, managing a business, taking care of my two sons, and earning more than a Rs. 1 lakh a life seemed perfect.

The Itch & The Switch

Seven years into the transcription business, I started having an ITCH!

...the itch to do something bigger and more meaningful, and this led me into the training and coaching space.

In August 2013, I quit my successful 7-year-old medical transcription business and launched 101 Degrees, my training and coaching company.

...and I Failed Terribly

The magic I was able to create in my transcription business couldn't be re-created.  I failed TERRIBLY.

The results were not matching the efforts I put in.  My income dropped from Rs. 1 lakh a month to Rs. 10,000, 5000 and some months not even that.

To meet our monthly expenses and to invest in the training business, I started withdrawing money from my savings account which was pretty good given my previously successful business...

...and within no time brought my savings down to ZERO.

My confidence went for a six

Then, I did something for the first time in my life...


I had a clear policy of no credit card because I strongly believed if I had money let me spend it...

BUT I went against my own policy!

A year and a half into my training business, I brought down my savings to ZERO and had created a debt of several lakhs!

My self-esteem was low and my confidence went for a six.

I was at my all time low

In December 2014, one evening, I was at my all time low - MENTALLY, EMOTIONALLY AND FINANCIALLY.

I was doing anything and everything possible, but still nothing seemed to be working.  I felt helpless and clueless.

I sat down in prayer "demanding" to know "Why did this happen to me?"

Tears were rolling down my eyes and I was crying inconsolably.

There is a purpose

After some time, when I came out of prayer and opened my eyes, I saw a book, The Fakir, next to me.

A participant of my program had gifted the book to me and I was halfway through it.

I heard an inner voice in me asking me to continue reading it from where I had left.

As I listened to my inner voice and started reading, over the next few pages this is what it said - When God wants to spread cancer awareness, He cannot do it by himself.  He will find a person who is caring and willing to serve for others, will give that person cancer, let that person suffer for 3 to 5 years, and survive, so that that person can do His job - spread cancer awareness.

That evening, I realized there was some purpose to all the challenges and struggle I was going through.

Finally...The Universe Made Some Freaking Sense

Knowing that there is a purpose, I started looking at things very differently.

Over the next few months, I invested more time, effort and of course a lot more money, learning from the best in the industry tools, techniques and strategies  to let go of my limitations and go beyond my own expectations.

I implemented what I learnt, and through a lot of trial and error, my business started changing for the better.

FINALLY...The Universe made some freaking sense!

It was during this time I was part of an entrepreneur forum and realized that I was not alone.

Did you know that according to Forbes and Gallup, 8 out of 10 entrepreneurs fail within the first 18 months of starting their business, and a whopping 80% crash and burn?

Soon, I started teaching what I learnt and implemented in my life and business to other ambitious entrepreneurs both 1-on-1 and in groups and was amazed at the breakthroughs they experienced.

Today, I feel blessed to teach ambitious entrepreneurs, freelancers and aspiring entrepreneurs how to blast their limitations and go beyond their own expectations so that they can experience Most and More love, joy, peace and abundance doing what they love and be an inspiration to others.

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