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21-minute money healing

Raise your money vibration 

...and increase your money flows, income & savings


This healing came to me at the most needed time.  Thank you.

- Rekha S

Thanks a lot for this great session.  Simple but magical.

- Sajith C

One of my home loans transferred to another bank with lower interest rate, its pending from October 2019.

- Akshata C


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How do you feel when you don't achieve your goals?  Disappointed, isn't it?

Learn how to set meaningful goals in all aspects of your life and achieve them all with love, joy and ease.


Do you want to manifest a life you want with love, joy and ease?

Then start doing this ONE thing.

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Do you want 10X growth in your career/business?


Do you want to increase your money flows 10X?

This is for you.

money breakthrough in 28 days

Overcome your struggles and challenges using my proven system

…and experience transformation in all aspects of your life

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Do you want to stop procrastinating and start taking bigger and bolder actions.

Learn 5 Powerful Tips to 10X your focus and productivity right away.

Do you have awesome products/service?

Will people get benefited from it?

It is your DUTY to sell, and more importantly, it is your RESPONSIBILITY to CLOSE THE SALE.

The Universe does not recognize your wants, needs, desires or goals.  It recognized and RESPONDS only to your vibration.

Raise your vibration NOW.

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Vigneswari Abraham is an Abundance Frequency "Energy" Coach and Creator of Money Breakthrough In 28 Days program.