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I teach magnificent souls how to raise their vibration and master their energy so that you can experience vibrant health, heartfelt relationships, wealthy lifestyle, and live a life of joy, ease and grace.

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Learn How To Tune Into The Abundance Frequency And Manifest Your Desires Faster 



Everything is energy, so is money.  If you are struggling to receive money or save money, if you have debts in the form of loans or borrowed money, if others owe you money and are not giving it, or if you have hit a ceiling in your income, it simply means you have money energy blocks.  The good news is you can heal your money energy and clear the blocks.

I watched the videos of VA for a few months and decided to attend her program to achieve my money and business goals.  Every session with VA was lively and packed with energy.  Learning the money creation model and implementing the various tools and techniques, our business started growing.  This month, we achieved our highest sales figure per day since starting our business.   My relationship with my daughters has deepened.  I am on my way to manifesting my dream home.

Batul Nazim




Do you want to go from surviving to thriving without the stress and sleepless nights?

Do you want to serve more people with joy & ease?


Do you want promotion, bigger projects or recognition of your work?

Do you have a desire to become an entrepreneur?

While working with VA to grow my existing business, I also moved into a new line of business, actualizing my dream of starting an industrial catering unit.  Working with VA was a positive and enjoyable experience where I was able to grow my business while at the same time improve my relationships and grow internally as a better human being.  The 1-on-1 format really helped mirror me to me and gave me much needed accountability to myself and to my goals.

Vinod Radhakrishnan

Founder & CEO


I started working with VA in December 2016, and by implementing the techniques I learnt during the program, I have created multiple breakthroughs every 90 days in 2017, ranging from salary hike to job promotion to onsite visit to Philippines, Australia and Europe, last but not the least purchasing my dream individual house.  I am no more the same person.  VA has shown me how to shift my goals, thoughts and experiences, and live a beautiful life.

Srilakshmi Chakrapani

Aspiring Entrepreneur

Lean Six Sigma Consultant




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There are hundreds of tools and techniques out there which will help you to achieve your money goals.  Which is the most effective of all?  Let's find out.



Learn How To Tune Into The Abundance Frequency And Manifest Your Desires Faster